Monitor your travelling irrigator from your cellphone!

EffluTrack shuts off the pump automatically if there’s a fault and lets you know. It also lets you switch your electric pump on or off by remote control via a simple text message.


EffluTrack makes it easy to track your travelling irrigator. If anything goes wrong, you get a text alert on your mobile phone at a fraction of the cost of other systems.


EffluTrack helps you comply with the environmental conditions of your resource consent.
With EffluTrack as part of your total effluent management plan, you can:
  • Cut down your supervision and maintenance time to the minimum.
  • Achieve effective effluent application as per your nutrient budget.
  • Save cost – it only takes a one-off investment of $2000+GST.

Take the hassle out of farm effluent application – order your EffluTrack Travelling Irrigator Monitoring System now!


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