Next Farm is developing platforms for farm monitoring and control starting with water and effluent management. Our solutions are designed to enhance management practices and streamline labour input.


Our story

From our humble beginnings in a dairy paddock the problem of irrigation control was something that was faced on nearly a daily basis. This is where the idea behind Next Farm arose...

Our story
Our solutions

Our solutions

Next Farm's products utilise integrated farm sensor technology with cloud based dashboards that allow farmers to operate, manage and understand farm resources from the computer desktop or a mobile device.


The Team

  • Having grown up in the deep south of New Zealand, Sammi has a wide range of experience in the rural sector giving her a comprehensive understanding of agricultural New Zealand and a network of industry professionals. She has worked in a variety of domestic and international industries gaining skills spanning from market research and branding to client management, adding significant value to the Next Farm team.

    Sammi Stewart, Brand Manager
  • Steph is an active member of the NZ Angel community via Angel HQ in Wellington, and has a wide range of investment interests encompassing tech, biotech, ag-tech and fintech.  After graduating from Victoria University of Wellington (BSc and BA) she worked in various areas of the financial services industry for over 15 years in both Australia and London.  Farmers, horse trainers and rural bankers abound throughout her whanau.

    Steph Haworth
  • Simon has spent the past 14 years working as a farm consultant with extensive industry networks including experience with irrigation development and research projects.  His experience in developing on farm and business strategy, combined with facilitation roles are some of the skills he brings to Next Farm.

    Simon Glennie
  • Hayden has considerable experience in the development of agricultural-based businesses having developed a large export company around agricultural machinery. He is, or has been, a director of a number of companies across a range of industries, including agriculture, IT, software development, professional consultancy, and property.

    Hayden Cawte
  • Hadyn is passionate about innovation to improve the economic sustainability of farm and food businesses, with experience spanning agri-business, investment and applied science. He is involved in number of early stage investment, commercialisation projects and industry initiatives both domestically and internationally, which provides him with a global view on strategic issues across the food value chain.

    Hadyn Craig
  • Aaron is a Stanford University graduate with both a technical and agricultural background. Aaron has prior experience in running his own company as well as being involved with several start-up opportunities and VC firms in Silicon Valley. He brings his knowledge of the agritech industry plus his understanding of the unique challenges faced by start-ups to the Next Farm team.

    Aaron Furrer, Technical Manager

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